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Press note issued by the Government of India on the presentation of Credentials by the first Ambassador of Bangladesh to India.

New Delhi, March 13, 1972

The Ambassador of Bangladesh, Dr. Azizur Rahman Mallick, presented his credentials to the President, Shri V.V.Girl, at an impressive ceremony in the Ashoka Hall of Rashtrapati Bhaban, this evening.

Presenting his credentials, the Ambassador said :

“From time immemorial, the people of Bangladesh and the people of India have lived side by side; we have shared each other’s happiness; we have enjoyed each other’s festivities and sympathized with each other in times of distress. The closeness of our relations was aptly and amply demonstrated during the comradery of the people of India and the people Bangladesh during the recent struggle for the liberation of our homeland.

When around ten million of our people were rendered homeless and destitute by the brutalities committed on us by a ruthless army, it is you, you Government and your people that came forward and gave us shelter, gave us food and ensured the safety of these unfortunate and oppressed and helpless  men, women, children and infirm. We may not perhaps be able to repay what you have done for us, but I assure you that the people of Bangladesh will for every remember this with gratitude.

Throughout its history, India has been the relentless champion of the best of human ideals. Your country is the country where Ram Chandra and Shri Krishan lived. Your country is the country of Nanak and Kabir. Your land has been enriched by such illuminare as Rabindranath, Gokhale, Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Nazrul Islam. Your country has the unique distinction of producing the pride of the entire peace-loving and freedom-loving mankind of the world-Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The ideals, the messages, and the works of these great personalities have always inspired our people and will continue to inspire them. We acknowledge with respect their contribution to the peace and progress not only of the people of this region but of the entire world.

Bangladesh believes in peace. We have adopted as our ideals, democracy, socialism, secularism and nationalism. Our two countries in cooperation with each other would be able to play a significant role for the peace and progress of mankind. I am confident that the relationship between our two countries will grow from strength to strength with every passing day. It is with profound joy that I proclaim that the friendship between India and Bangladesh has opened a new chapter in the history of this region—it has opened new vistas of comradery between our two peoples.”

The President in his reply said :

“It is with very particular pleasure that we welcome you to India as the distinguished representative of a great and friendly neighbor. In having you in our midst we are doubly fortunate. You are not only a scholar who has written about history but one who has participated in the making of history. Your contribution to the struggle of your nation for freedom is well known. You represent both the valour and versatility of your people.

You come to us after one of the most heroic struggles of recent history. That struggle has, thanks to the determination and courage of your brave people, been crowned with success. Above all, it represents the unconquerable spirit of Man. Equally precious to us, it has cemented the traditional and historical links that have since time immemorial bound our two countries and peoples together.

The struggle has been lead by a man of indomitable spirit, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Even when separated from his people, his name and words have kept alive their spirit. His has become a household name not only in Bangladesh and in India but in the whole world. We are proud to have you as the representative of his people amongst us.”