Registration of Birth, Death and Marriage in Indian Missions/Posts abroad জন্ম, মৃত্যু ও বিবাহ নিবন্ধন

Birth registration for an Indian national requires photocopy of the passports of the both parents, birth certificate issued by the local hospital or municipality, three photographs of the child (within six month of child’s birth). Normal time taken for this service is two working days. Fee may please be seen in the fee schedule.

In case of death of an Indian national within Bangladesh, his death is registered and a death certificate is issued by the High Commission. Documents required for this service is original passport of the deceased for cancellation and post mortem/death certificate issued by the local hospital attested by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Govt. of Bangladesh. The service is rendered with least possible delay and no fee is charged for this service.

Marriage is registered at the High Commission where one spouse is an Indian national. For this service, photocopies of the passports of marriage partners, three witnesses and their passport photocopies and a copy of the work permit of working spouse in Bangladesh. Marriage registration takes two working days time. Fee charged may please be seen in the fee schedule below.

মৃত্যু নিবন্ধনের সাধারণ নির্দেশিকা