Training courses conducted by National Institute of Secretariat Training & Development (NISTD), Ghaziabad, 21 March 2024 সংবাদ বিজ্ঞপ্তি

Training courses conducted by National Institute of Secretariat Training & Development (NISTD), Ghaziabad, 21 March 2024

High Commission of India


Press Release

Training courses conducted by National Institute of Secretariat 

Training & Development (NISTD), Ghaziabad

   The High Commission of India, Dhaka is pleased to inform that National Institute of Secretariat Training & Development (NISTD), Ghaziabad is conducting three significant programmes, consisting of paid courses, aimed at professional development of Government officers. 

  In response to the demands of today's rapidly changing business environment, continuous evolution, and enhancement of one's knowledge base are essential. While experiential learning remains invaluable, staying abreast of emerging technologies and best practices, particularly in technical realms, is imperative for project productivity and overall work effectiveness. We are thrilled to introduce our specialized program, the Study Tour for Construction Professionals, meticulously designed for executives and decision-makers in various sectors including local, state, and central government, as well as the corporate sphere. By facilitating international tours, our program aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge practices and innovations globally. As India positions itself on the global stage, this initiative is poised to empower participants with the insights and exposure required to contribute effectively to the nation's growth.

  The Capacity Building program, facilitated through Technical Cooperation Programs with various governments and international partners, encompasses a diverse range of thematic areas aimed at enhancing leadership, managerial skills, and business administration. The program addresses critical global challenges while emphasizing the development of "Smart and Sustainable Cities". It offers a comprehensive array of training initiatives, spanning disciplines such as:

   Seismology, Earthquake Engineering, Tsunami Disaster Mitigation, Operation and Maintenance of Urban Water Supply Systems, Public Health, Food Security, Civil Supplies, Disaster Risk Reduction, Infrastructure Development, Gender Main streaming Policies, Renewable Energy, Forestry Management.

  Through these initiatives, participants gain valuable insights into modern management practices, enabling them to effectively contribute to the growth and sustainability of urban centres. The collaboration with governments from Europe, UAE, Russia, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries underscores the international nature of this endeavour, fostering cross-cultural learning and knowledge exchange to address the complex challenges of our rapidly evolving world.

  The Executive Development Programs offered by the National Institute of Secretariat Training & Development (NISTD) are rooted in a philosophy of continual learning, making them highly suitable for busy working executives. 

 These programs are specifically designed to cater to the needs of professionals who face time constraints and challenges in enrolling for traditional lengthy courses. They serve as a valuable opportunity for individuals who have been unable to access up-to-date managerial tools and techniques through formal education. By delivering concise yet comprehensive content, NISTD’S Executive Development Programs enable participants to stay updated with the latest advancements in the business world and enhance their managerial skills effectively.

  These training topics hold significant relevance for modern government operations:

  • Office Systems and E-Governance are crucial for streamlining administrative processes and embracing technology-driven citizen services. 
  • Stress Management ensures the mental and emotional health of government officials, translating to better decision-making. 
  • Project and Financial Management are essential for efficient resource allocation and successful project execution. 
  • Quality Control maintains high standards in government projects, while Record and Database Management facilitate informed decisions and transparency. 
  • Change Management enables smooth transitions, and Gender Sensitivity fosters an inclusive workplace. 
  • Leadership, Public Procurement, and Contract Management are vital for effective governance, and understanding the Right to Information Act ensures transparency. 
  • Digital Transformation enhances service delivery,
  • Hazardous Waste Management aligns with environmental goals. 

   Overall, these topics collectively empower government employees, promote ethical practices, and elevate the efficiency and accountability of public service endeavours.

Details of      Executive Development Programme

                   Knowledge Co-creation Programme (International Study Tour)

                   Onsite Training Program for Engineers & Admin staff

- are enclosed herewith as Annexure- A, Annexure- B & Annexure- C.

  1. Study Tour Brochures and EDP Topic Brochures are enclosed as Annexure- D
  2. Interested candidates are requested to go through the brochures before applying.

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    March 18, 2024