High Commissioner Pranay Verma’s speech at welcome reception by Bangladesh - India Friendship Society বিবৃতি ও বক্তৃতা

High Commissioner Pranay Verma’s speech at welcome reception by Bangladesh - India Friendship Society

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

1.  It gives me great pleasure to be present at this event organized by Bangladesh-India friendship society. The society, which was established by a joint decison of the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, has been steadfast in its commitment to creating a congenial atmosphere for enhanced interaction and better understanding between the civil society, literary and cultural organization of India and Bangladesh.

2.   The people of India and Bangladesh are linked by common bonds of history, language, and culture. Indian soldiers fought together with the Muktijoddhas for Bangladesh’s liberation.

3.   Our friendship and bond between is sealed by this shared sacrifices of the Liberation war.

4.   Occasions like today’s are significant because they give us an opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved together. But these are also precious moments to make resolves to realize the unfulfilled promises and further deepen our partnership on the road ahead. In the last 50 years, Bangladesh has grown by leaps and bounds. The country’s successes and standing are globally recognized today. Its human development indicators are an example for others to emulate.

5.    Friends, India and Bangladesh have come a long way since 1971. Both our countries are fast growing economies. Our advancing progress and rising ambitions for a better future are creating new opportunities and new momentum for our cooperation.

6.    Our bilateral relationship today is truly multifaceted and complementing each other’s national development. Our cooperation covers not only traditional areas like trade, commerce, development partnership, security and border management but also newer areas such as clean energy, IT, space and so on.

7.     India is a committed development partner of Bangladesh. In fact, Bangladesh is today India’s largest development partner, with credit lines worth over 8 billion dollars. More than 80% of our projects under these lines of credit are for infrastructure and connectivity.

8.    India had stood by the people of Bangladesh in 1971 and will stand ready to walk together with them in future as well, on the road to greater prosperity and success. We have made important achievements in our partnership, especially in the last decade. We remain committed to do more to build on the foundation of our friendship and our shared history.

9.    I am glad to see that the Bangladesh and India Friendship Society has been taking several initiatives to foster the deep-rooted friendship between the people of the two countries. It is also heartening to hear that the society has been enhancing its outreach potential by using digital media platforms. This would go a long way in responding to the needs of its growing members thereby expanding the base of India-Bangladesh friendship to the new generation of Indians and Bangladeshis.

10.     I am sure the the friendship society will continue to spread its message of peace, brotherhood and goodwill and make active contribution to the social and economic development of both countries.

Thank you!